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Do the following workforce challenges sound familiar to you?

Need to upskill existing employees and encourage continuous development
Helping workers keep pace with continuing company and industry change
Development of pathways for career advancement and succession
Your most qualified and experienced staff are ready to retire
Difficulty finding workers with the right skills
Attracting a new and more diverse talent pool
Positions with high turnover

If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then apprenticeship is the right strategy to meet your needs for skilled and committed workers.

Organizations who already hire apprentices have cited the following benefits:

Highly Skilled Employees

Develop your employees using a nationally approved training model created by industry, for industry.

Access to Sources of Funding

Registered Apprenticeships can attract funding from local agencies to help with costs.  Open 4 Apprenticeships can support you to find and apply for any available funding.

Higher Productivity

Studies indicate that for every dollar spent on apprenticeship, employers receive an average of $1.47 return in increased productivity.

More Diverse Workforce

Attract potential employees from additional talent pools.

Reduced Turnover Costs

91% of apprentices remain employed after completing their program.

Employer Spotlight

Zest Social Media Solutions

“I was looking for what amounts to an apprenticeship model that moves quickly, and can facilitate our very specific training, the TranZed Apprenticeship for Digital and Social Media was the answer.
- Tim Bojanowski (Employer)

“The opportunity to learn while on the clock provides extra incentive to work and develop new skills. The apprenticeship has turned my life around almost overnight. The one-on-one format allows every lesson to be catered to my specific needs. It’s been an amazing experience so far.”
- Robert Jones (Apprentice)


"Apprenticeships are truly revolutionizing the way we address workforce development in Maryland. The apprenticeship model opens career opportunities to eager and talented individuals while answering the request from employers for specialized training. The apprenticeship model works for any industry, from the skilled trades, to information technology, to biotechnology, to advanced manufacturing. Apprenticeships work, and they work for everyone. This is why Maryland is open for apprenticeships."
- Maryland Secretary of Labor, Kelly M. Schulz

St. Franics

"As a small nonprofit, having an apprentice gives us opportunities we normally wouldn't have. It can be very costly to hire a specialized talent. With an apprentice, we can also share our knowledge of the all-encompassing nonprofit world, which is very comprehensive and well rounded. Everyone benefits, St. Francis Neighborhood Center is Open For Apprenticeships!"
- Christi Green, Executive Director, St. Francis Neighborhood Center.

Alliance Technology Group

"TranZed’s passion and commitment to closing the skills gap and providing viable alternatives to the often dimishing value of the traditional college path have been brought to focus on the technology and cybersecurity, culminating in identifying, educating and training, and, placing practitioners in critical shortage positions. The apprentices, soon-to-be cybersecurity journeymen, on our cybersecurity team have contributed significantly to our mission and our clients’ missions, including within the successful remediation of a nation-state actor incidence response engagement. We wouldn’t have had them on our team and in the cyber fight without TranZed’s expertise in crafting an effective cybersecurity apprenticeship."
- Josh Williams (Vice President)

Ultimate Technology Experience

"I decided to take on an apprentice in hopes of finding a strong, motivated employee who is eager to learn. And that is exactly what I got. Steve (Apprentice) joined us a little over a year ago, and has been a great addition to our team. He has been instrumental in implementing new networks for clients, troubleshooting network connectivity and security issues, as well as all types of hardware problems from computers to printers. I am so glad I partnered with TranZed apprenticeship services and accepted an apprentice. I would highly recommend other companies to take on an apprentice. It is well worth the investment."
- Ed Podowski (Ceo)

Community College Prep Academy

"As a curriculum developer, I am impressed with the in-depth use of segmented and sequential competencies that are aligned with American industry requirements. Your work to date in the state of Maryland has been well received."
- Vanessa Spinner

Children's Guild

"Since hiring our apprentices, we have been impressed by their commitment, dedication and motivation to succeed! Our apprentices are now an integral part of our team, we could not do without them, they bring fresh ideas and ensure that we are able to easily adapt to new technologies.  We look forward to hiring more apprentices in the near future, and we encourage other employers and non profits to make the step of being Open 4 Apprenticeships”
- Chip Kruba (CIO)

Newberry Group

The Newberry Group provides information technology consulting services to government agencies like the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Agriculture, as well as commercial clients in the health care, financial, and engineering industries among others. It specializes in information assurance, software development, network management, and IT staffing services.

“The Newberry Group are Open for Apprenticeships because they provide access to a talent pool of motivated, professionals, eager to develop their current skills in the workplace. The program offers customized training support to meet the exact specifications of the business, which make the apprenticeship program such a valuable asset to any business”

About Us

Open 4 Apprenticeships is a FREE consultation process that provides organizations with a review of their readiness to successfully place apprentices within their workforce as part of their talent pipeline and gain all the benefits that employing apprentices will bring.

An Apprenticeship is an employer-driven model that combines on-the-job learning with related classroom instruction to increase skill level and economic mobility. Registered Apprenticeships are a proven solution for companies to recruit, train, and retain highly skilled workers—and it is a way to put employees on a career path that will encourage them to stay and advance their career with you.

Registered Apprenticeships are a proven system of workforce training that allows employers to "grow their own" workers. A registered apprenticeship means the program has met national and independent standards for quality and rigor. Registration tells prospective employees, customers, and suppliers that you invest in your workforce and that you believe your employees are your most important asset.

Traditionally Apprenticeships are thought of as something for tradesmen in construction and engineering but Open 4 Apprenticeships is opening up Registered Apprenticeships in new, modern industries and 21st Century job roles and is seeking employers in the following industries: Information Technology, Digital media, Cyber Security, Financial Services and Medical Assistants.

Open 4 Apprenticeship’s high-quality, free consultation includes providing planning support, vetting of job descriptions and a readiness check to start you on the path of hiring a Registered Apprentice.  You will join the community of organizations verified and certificated as Open 4 apprenticeships.  This will allow you to promote your company through the Open 4 Apprenticeships website and receive support in finding the training and employees right for you.

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Apprenticeships4America will contribute to the development of the apprenticeship movement across the USA, by fostering collaboration between employers, registered apprenticeship providers, and government agencies to discuss challenges, develop solutions, and take action.

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